The Last of Us Part II: Hunter Gatherers

Another The Last of Us 2 review? Sure. Why not. But lets keep this one short.

We all know the game sucks...Ha ha ha. Ok. It doesn't suck, but it is boring. So really how is it?


  • Graphics are good.
  • The Naughty Dog team did an incredible job working on the story.


  • Overall, the game is boring.
  • I don't want to spend an entire game going through cabinets trying to find bullets and various items.
  • I don't want to waste time reading notes that are only meant to set the mood but provide no benefit to me as the player.
  • The fighting mechanics kinda suck.
  • Zombies seem to find you way too easily. These must be magic, heart beat sensing zombies.
  • Where are the goddamn zombies (even if they can find you too easily)? 
  • The game will only appeal to hunter gatherers who prefer to simply gather and not really hunt that much.
  • Did they really just flip the story like that? It didn't really work. They tried to pull a Game of Thrones "we will do whatever we want with these characters" but it didn't work.