PS4: God of War

PS4: God of War

God this game pisses me off. If I am a god, why the hell do I die so easily? And I'm not just any god. I am the GOD OF WAR!!! And what is the point of all this anway? I forget why the hell I am even playing this game.

Now, to be fair, this game is pretty good. Maybe it's great at times. It is visually beautiful. The worlds that they created are incredible and the characters they created or incorporated are wonderful. I recently read Neil Gaiman's book "Norse Mythology" so the setting of this game was perfect for me.

But fuckin-a, why can't I switch to my Blades of Chaos? I don't want to be punching this valkyrie. This is an annoyance with the controls. I don't like that the same button to arm a weapon, disarms it as well. Many times during a battle, I have tried to change weapons, there is a delay in the change so I hit it again, and the end result is I have no weapon armed.

The controls in general during combat annoy me. Or maybe just the combat annoys me. As stated earlier, I am the God of mother-fuckin War and sometimes I feel like I am better off just letting my son, Atreus, fight for me. I am too weak and these enemies are too strong. And they just take too long to beat. I want a fun fight but I don't want a long drawn out epic of a fight. Fighting should be fun. It's not.

And why is it so hard to regenerate life? I hate stomping on those green things. In the middle of a battle you can barely find them or you have to turn away from your enemy, stop the ground, and then hope you aren't worse off in the end.

And the boats? My god the boats (and the elevators and the climbing). I have spent hours and hours going up and down elevators or climbing forever. It is all done beautifully, and the first time I enjoyed it (maybe), but I dont want to wait 30 seconds to go up an elevator. I don't want to die and then discover I have to climb back up the wall to try again. And I don't want to row this boat any more. Basically, there is a lot a lot of waiting in this game.

So yeah, this game pisses me off. But then again, it is beautiful. Overall I guess I would recommend it but you may, like me, get frustrated. Brok is cool though.

One recommendation. Play it on easy mode. I don't like saying this and I, like many gamers, want to "prove myself" but with God of War, to get the best enjoyment out of it, just play it on easy mode. Only then, will you truly feeling like the God of War who can kick the shit out of anybody (except Queen Sigrun of course).