I Care A Lot

I Care A Lot

There are very few reasons to watch this movie. Yes, the actors are good.

Ok then. 


So the actors are good, there is some satisfaction at the very end (predictable but still happy to see it), it can be seen as showing corruption that exists in the real world, and Ivanka Trump should always be characterized like the evil devil she is. But none of that makes it a good movie.

Why is it bad? I'll just make one main complaint. To move the story forward, the impossible, stupid, and ridiculous must happen. It's like The Walking Dead. It's just not believable and then maddening and then boring and then really really annoying and then whatever.

And this movie isn't a comedy. It seems to be classified as such. Maybe a dark comedy? Maybe neither? Maybe it just isn't funny at all? One swatch joke does not make a comedy. And it doesn't need to be a comedy. So maybe this movie suffers slightly from not knowing who and what exactly it is.

Maybe what is the most dissappointing thing about this movie is that it could have been good. It had something. It just didn't really know what it was and how to fulfill it's promise. Suggestion. Don't try to be a comedy if you are not. Don't create sinister people, who have gotten everything they have by cunning and evil deeds, be stupid. Don't make any character above being killed (looking at you Fran/Eiza González).

So, don't watch it. Well the actors are good.